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By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—During the holiday season, we tend to be in the spirit of giving, however some folks are in the spirit of taking. According to some statistics, theft crimes tend to go up during this time, making it a not so wonderful time of the year for some people. Shoplifting, identity theft, holiday scams and drunk driving are some of the most reported crimes during the holiday season, but there are some crimes that are a bit more peculiar. Because we at the Lake Front are in the spirit of giving right now, we have compiled a short list of the wackiest Christmas crimes in recent years for you. Enjoy. Christmas Tree Thefts Who would think of keeping their Christmas tree under tight security? Nobody. Well, this leaves it vulnerable to sneaky Christmas thieves looking to spoil someone’s Christmas. This is not a recent trend either. Apparently, there have been reports of peoples stealing trees as early as the 1970s. However, 2015 seemed to be an especially good year for the Christmas tree thief. 1,000 Christmas trees were stolen from two Costco semi-truck trailers in South Florida. What does a person do with 1,000 Christmas trees? Later that year, more than 10 trees were stolen from a Catholic school in Waterbury in Connecticut.  Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, everyone is stealing thee. Home burglaries This one is a sad, sad reality during Christmas. Lured by gifts, home invasions spike during the holiday season.  Santa definitely did not make the nice list after a string of burglaries by someone donning a Santa Clause suit were reported in Seattle, Washington. The thief shimmied down the chimney of several homes in the area.  He was caught only when rescuers were sent to extricate him from a chimney he was stuck in for six hours. This burglar was well “soot” for his crime. Bad Santa He knows when you are bad or good, but he may not be so good himself. We are talking about Santa folks. The guy in charge of making sure children everywhere are good, could very well be the one topping the naughty list this year. In San Francisco, a rebel Macy’s Santa got fired when caught telling “naughty jokes.”  After store management caught wind of the situation he was promptly fired, and was left as a rebel without a Clause. Frosty The moment snow hits the ground, people start sing about good old Frosty the Snowman. In Ohio, vandals terrorized the town’s Frosty inflatables.  The pair of 18-year-olds were arrested for stabbing a 12-foot-tall Frosty the Snow Man inflatable. Before this attack, there were two other attacks on other Frosty Snowmen. The teenagers were held on a ten-thousand dollar bond. Thumpetty thump thump, Thumpety thump thump, look at Frosty go…down. Apparently, Christmas can bring out the Scrooge in some folks. People can get a bit crazy during the holidays so stay safe and don’t do anything stupid; otherwise, you might just get jingle jailed.
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