Executive Team




Teresa King 

Teresa King is a non-traditional student studying public relations at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) with a minor in multimedia journalism. 

Through her years at OLLU, she has collected experience in social media management, event planning, media relations, public relations and journalism. She has previously worked as the Student Director of Public Relations for Lake Front Media and the Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater. At Lake Front Media, she works on publication design, event planning management, client communication, advertising opportunities, writing stories and the teams’ communication. 

In King’s spare time, she leads a youth recovery group called The Landing at her church called Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas. King and her husband are also foster parents and are currently raising a girl from the foster system.  



Dailyn Mann
Managing Editor

Dailyn Mann is a junior at Our Lady of the Lake and a student at the Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater. Dailyn majors in mass communications specializing in multimedia journalism, and has both published and been featured in OLLU’s Lake Front newspaper, also serving as lead anchor for the Lake Front newscast.

Mann started her college career as a student-athlete, playing for OLLU’s volleyball team for two seasons before stepping down to focus on her career. In her spare time, Dailyn enjoys singing, performing, and theatrics; she has been known to participate in pageants and was crowned the 52nd “Queen of Soul” in 2022. Dailyn was given the opportunity to represent the African American community and appear on television many times to display her participation in San Antonio’s Fiesta celebration. Dailyn hopes to continue her education in mass communications so that she can become the “Best News Anchor out of Texas” and be known nationwide for her journalistic abilities.





Samantha Benne 
Public Relations Director

Sam Benne is a junior double majoring in Mass Communications specializing in Public Relations and Business Marketing with a minor in Computer Info Systems and Security. Benne is a student-athlete on OLLU’s women’s soccer team. When she is not on the field you can find her reading, listening to music, creating art, or hanging out with friends.




Emerson Weiler
Media Relations Director

Emerson Weiler is a sophomore at Our Lady of the Lake University majoring in mass communications with a concentration in public relations. Weiler is a student-athlete on OLLU’s women’s soccer team.




Lake Front News Team



Destinee Roberts
Reporter/Public Relations Manager

Destinee Roberts is an undergraduate majoring in Public Relations at OLLU. Currently, Destinee is the Director of Public Relations and a reporter for the OLLU Lake Front News. Destinee participates in other extracurricular activities, including the OLLU Choir and the McNair Scholars Program. In the future, Destinee hopes to pursue public speaking permanently by traveling across the nation and speaking to young adults living in urban communities about the importance of women’s rights, pursuing education, and challenging oppressors.



Roman Handy

Roman has had work experience in a variety of places, such as a coffee shop called “Blue Note,” and he has been an Encuentro Theology Institute mentor and went on a Shadowing Internship where he worked with a priest (Fr. David) and those who regularly work alongside him. In Roman’s downtime, he likes to sing and write songs. He also enjoys hanging out with family and friends, and he enjoys exercising and watching sitcoms.


Adela Tamayo
ReporterPublic Relations Specialist

Maria Adela Tamayo is a 2nd-year leadership studies Ph.D. student. She is also an Ollu alumnus doing some of her undergraduates from 2004-2007. She has a master’s in English and creative writing and Masters in English as a second language. She has taught for 12 years in various positions: online ESL teacher to kids in China, online K-12 English tutor, and a first-year writing instructor. She plans to use this opportunity to grow her writing skills so she can keep helping her students.


Nathan Alfaro
Reporter / Public Relations Specialist 

Nathan is from San Antonio, Texas, graduating from Stevens High school. He is majoring in mass communications with a concentration in public relations. In the future, his goal is to be a play-by-play sports announcer. In his free time, Nathan loves hanging out with his friends and staying active by working out and playing sports. His favorite sport is soccer, as he has grown up playing it his whole life. Nathan also works for the San Antonio Spurs and the San Antonio Soccer Team (SAFC) as a 50/50 raffle representative.


Jacqui Alfaro
Reporter/ Public Relations Specialist

Jacqueline Alfaro is a bilingual junior at Our Lady of the Lake University majoring in Mass Communications with a specialization in Public Relations and a double minor in Marketing and Psychology. She serves as the Public Relations Chair for Our Lady of the Lake University’s Worden of Social Work Organization. Jacqueline has obtained a wide range of experience through her internships working at both local non-profits and private agencies, such as the City of San Antonio Department of Human Services and KGBTexas Communications, where she collaborated in creative campaigns. As a first-generation college student, she hopes to learn how to help marginalized communities achieve higher education and promote improved access by sharing necessary resources and information. When she is not on campus or at an event, you can find her reading, volunteering, or embracing her Mexican culture by managing her own artisanal gift shop offering unique, 100% Mexican-made crafts.


Julissa Casas

Julissa is a sophomore at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Our Lady of the Lake University(OLLU). Her research interests include media communications, public relations, and event production. Before attending OurLady of the Lake University, she attended S.T.E.M at L.E.E High School, located in San Antonio, Texas. She was captain of her high school volleyball team and is still currently pursuing her volleyball career at OLLU. She worked as the Social Media Manager at the Center for Career Development and Testing Department at OLLU during her freshman year. She was tasked with creating the digital announcements which were posted on the socials for the office, as well as creating engaging Tik Toks and media content that promote the office’s media presence. In her spare time, Julissa enjoys reading, listening to music, watching Criminal Minds, and spending time with her friends and family.


Summerlyn Marrufo

A little bit about myself is I am a freshman here at OLLU. My major is political science. In the 2nd semester of my freshman year, I would like to double minor in criminal justice and forensic science to become a criminal defense attorney. I love to draw during my free time, and my favorite show is Bob’s Burgers.


Joshua Padilla
Reporter/Public Relations Specialist

Joshua Miguel Padilla is a junior in the school of mass communications, public relations, and business at Our Lady of the Lake University. His craft interests revolve around the world of public relations, film production, and news broadcasting. Before coming to the city of San Antonio, Joshua was born and raised in the small town of El Paso, Texas, where he worked to achieve his next step. There he would surround himself with the culture of media production, where he would slowly break down the components of the form. He would study many forms of practicing arts like theater, anchoring, cinematography, and editing. He would achieve two awards after pursuing an education in the field of editing and UIL fine arts. A certification in adobe creative cloud and a 2nd place award for competing in UIL fine arts. Joshua, during his time in high school, would work alongside the production team, not just for promotions for organizations but the clubs on campus, such as the football booster team. He would organize a portfolio of photos to incorporate into a graphic book for the players to see. From this, he would receive a scholarship for his endeavor to help in pursuing photographic work for the booster team. After embarking on college to further his field, he would involve himself in outside work, especially film. Salesman, the series short takes audiences in the shoes of the individuals involved in the criminal world of 1990s San Antonio. The series is a story set during what was considered the height of drug trafficking, smuggling, and murders. The short premiered at the San Antonio film festival and a private showing at Santikos Embassy. Whenever Josh has some free time for himself, he’s usually reading, at the gym, or spending time listening to classic records like Queen and Fleetwood mac.


Daisy Cantwell

Daisy Cantwell is a creative multimedia journalist, filmmaker, and social media content creator. As a double major in Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations at Our Lady of the Lake University, she has acquired countless hours of experience in the field while serving as a university staff reporter, journalist, and digital media creator. She works with the university reporting team to develop stories and media content on a daily basis and in a 24/7 environment. She’s learned the importance of applying classic marketing techniques to modern brand strategies from experts in the field. Daisy’s work has been shared publicly by local news agencies as well as Our Lady of the Lake university’s online newspaper. Daisy is currently finishing her last year in her undergraduate program and plans on getting her master’s degree in the near future.



Portland Tidwell

Portland Tidwell is a full-time student at Our Lady of The Lake University aiming to obtain her bachelor’s in Mass Communications with a specialization in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Criminal Justice.

She has interned at the age of fifteen for KENS5 and has acted in a short film titled “What is Love?” and a music video titled “Insane” by the band, White Rabbit.

She has obtained over 18,000 community service hours working as a spokesperson for the non-profit, the 100 Club of San Antonio, an organization that aims to provide funds for families and children of fallen first responders.

On TikTok, Portland has thousands of followers and her content specializes in storytelling as well as acting bits. She is a vocalist, actress, and impressionist with natural on-camera talent as well as a proactive activist that specializes in public speaking and public relations. She can edit videos, write articles, and has a passion for anchoring and reporting on-camera.

Her goal is to work alongside Chris Hansen as an investigative journalist for Inside Editions’ true crime sector, True Crime Daily.


Lake Front Advisor


Alexis Arreguin
Lake Front Advisor

Alexis J. Arreguin is an associate professor for public relations at OLLU’s Ruben M. and Veronica Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communications and Theater.

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