Executive Team



Gabriel Cook

Gabriel Cook is a senior undergraduate student at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), majoring in mass communication with a concentration in Multimedia Media Journalism and minoring in Public Relations.

He has collected experience in broadcasting, live streaming three of OLLU’s graduation ceremonies, and event planning in which he helped plan the Jesse Borrego event at OLLU, along with other events for the Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater. On his spare time Cook’s hobbies are working out, watching/playing basketball, relaxing, reading & hanging out with family. He outdoor activities & nature hikes/walks, sneaker shopping, getting tattoos, playing video games, and watching tv shows and movies.



Paris Quintanilla
Director of Editorial

Paris Quintanilla began her path to higher education at Northwest Vista College (NVC), and graduated with an associate degree in Liberal Arts. After completing her undergraduate studies, she attends Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU). At OLLU, her passion for writing developed when she became involved with Lakefront News. As a reporter, she has contributed to every issue of the Lakefront since the Fall semester of 2021. Quintanilla’s passion isn’t restricted to journalism; she is also passionate about producing music, sewing, and expressing herself through fashion.



Destinee Roberts
Director of Public Relations

Destinee Roberts is an undergraduate majoring in Public Relations at OLLU. Currently, Destinee is the Director of Public Relations and a reporter for the OLLU Lake Front News. Destinee participates in other extracurricular activities, including the OLLU Choir and the McNair Scholars Program. In the future, Destinee hopes to pursue public speaking permanently by traveling across the nation and speaking to young adults living in urban communities about the importance of women’s rights, pursuing education, and challenging oppressors.


Sam Benne
Executive Digital Director

Sam Benne is a junior double majoring in Mass Communications specializing in Public Relations and Business Marketing with a minor in Computer Info Systems and Security. Benne is a student-athlete on OLLU’s women’s soccer team, when she is not on the field you can find her reading, listening to music, creating art, or hanging out with friends.


Daniel Gonzalez
Financial Director 

Daniel Gonzalez is a junior at Our Lady of the Lake University. He is majoring in Accounting and Mathematics with a minor in Finance. He currently works in the Accounts Payable office. In his free time, he likes to read, play chess, work out, and hang out with his family. In the future, he plans to become a CPA.


Lake Front News Team


Teresa King
Student Public Relations Director

Teresa King is a non-traditional student, studying public relations at Our Lady of the Lake University with a minor in professional and technical writing. She is currently the Student Public Relations Director for the Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater. When she is not at school, she is volunteering and working towards becoming a leader at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas. She also loves long walks with her husband and her miniature dachshund, Lip.



Annabelle Vasquez
Public Relations Specialist 

Annabelle Vasquez is a Mass Communication Student concentrating in Public Relations and a minor in Technical Editing and Writing. She will be graduating this Fall and plans to travel around the world. Vasquez is also a social media manager, helping San Antonio businesses (such as Geekdom & Symbio Hush) with their social media content. She plans to obtain her first LLC later this year and name her Social media agency, The Socialite Media Co, to learn more you can visit  @thesocialitemediaco on Instagram.



Adriana Ramirez
Social Media Specialist

Adrianna Ramirez attends Our Lady of the Lake University. She is expected to graduate in the spring of 2023, where she will earn her degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations with a double minor in multimedia journalism and psychology. Ramirez has accomplished a dean’s list title and earned a position in The National Society of Leadership and Success. Ramirez enjoys cooking, making up recipes, and vlogging on her social media platforms in her free time. Season 20, the name of the vlog, covers daily routines to experiences Ramirez has all within San Antonio.


Layla Lane

Layla Lane is an Undergraduate at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in San Antonio, TX working on a double major in Psychology and Criminology. Previously, Layla worked as a work-study in OLLU Accounts Payables, where she gained the knowledge of diligence in working with numbers. Layla also joined as a reporter for the OLLU Lake Front News as of Fall 2021. In the future, Layla hopes to achieve acceptance into law school, where she will work on becoming a prosecutor with a focus on criminal law. While Layla is not working on her schoolwork, she enjoys relaxation by watching television, sketching artwork, and reading true crime books.


Roman Handy

Roman has had work experience in a variety of places such as a coffee shop called “Blue Note,” and he has been an Encuentro Theology Institute mentor, and went on a Shadowing Internship where he worked with a priest (Fr. David) and those who regularly work alongside him. On Roman’s downtime, he likes to sing and write songs. He also enjoys hanging out with family and friends, and he enjoys exercising and watching sitcoms.


Lake Front Advisor


Alexis Arreguin
Lake Front Advisor

Alexis J. Arreguin is an associate professor for public relations at OLLU’s Ruben M. and Veronica Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communications and Theater.