By Chloe M. Brown

SAN ANTONIO—Millennials. By this point in time, people are extremely tired of hearing this word, this common slander, the epitome of hate for anyone forty and above. But who is a millennial? It was never set clear who a millennial is.

Courtesy photo form pixabay
Courtesy photo form pixabay

So, since –as a millennial- I’m already obsessed with technology, I took the liberty to look a few things up. Here’s what’s astonishing. The age range for being a millennial is people who are born from 1982 to 2002. That means society is putting a 34-year-old and 12-year-old in the same category. Now most people cut off the millennial age at those who were born in 1998. However, still that is a large age gap from the youngest to the oldest in this group.

How many 18-year-old out there are making social-economic decisions that have apparently rifted this entire nation into a deficit? And no. The mayor of ice town in Parks and Recreations does not count as an example. It’s startling fact that time after time there comes out a new article about how millennials are ruining some part of society, whether it’s dating, personal interactions, or life choices in general. However, which part of millennials. Is the 18-year-old tweeting about how they just graduated high school or the millennialsworking a full time job fondly remembering their twenties?

It seems like such a large group to blame society’s problems on.  However, it seems like that’s the point. Why not pin all the stupid things about society one a group that 1) has not been around long enough to make any lasting damage 2) old enough to actually start blaming issues on 3) is trying to make its mark on the world so it’s easy to knock them down.

So, since everything is our fault, I thought I would google “What’s wrong with millennials” and over 9,540,000 results appeared. That means there is over 9,540,000 pages just out there to tell millennials all the ways that they are the worst.  It ranges from being lazy, having no manners, and growing up getting participation trophies.

Courtesy photo from flickr by Brad.K
Courtesy photo from flickr by Brad.K

Okay, let’s stop on that last one. Everyone wants to complain about kids getting participation trophies. It’s their biggest argument on what’s wrong with us, but I’m going to propose the bigger question. Who gave us those trophies? Little kids weren’t going to store and buying themselves trophies. They aren’t a part of the school board saying, “Hey, I think that all kids should get something if they participated in an event.” It definitely wasn’t the kid that couldn’t spell fragmented that got them the participation ribbon in the first place.

Now this article isn’t about how millennials are the best. This isn’t about them being the worst. Millennials are like every generation before them and every generation that will follow. They are just trying to make their way through all the changes that are being thrusted at them as new technology and advancements come.

I think that we just need to give them some breathing room. Let them not be blamed for something for a little bit because it’s been a rough year and honestly  we should strive to unite as a nation instead of blame each generation. Do we  really want to go down this path. Thinking that the monster that we created isn’t as bad as the last. We are all concoctions of each other, but we just pick different parts to represent.

Maybe we can start by stop blaming them for weird stuff like the diamond market, because, as a twenty year old I am most definitely not buying into blaming game.

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