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By Joseph Vasquez  

SAN ANTONIO—On a typical day here at Our Lady of The Lake University you can find Dr. Brownsberger in his office or walking the halls admiring the great views of his new home. He has been here for a whole three months and has loved every minute of  this new chapter in his life. When asking Dr. Brownsberger why OLLU he said “ I was excited about this new environment that I was coming into, I love the fact of the different majors y’all have to offer, my previous school was focused on one thing Our Lady of the Lake has a lot to offer.” A few facts about Dr.Brownsberger : You cannot miss him standing at about six feet and six inches tall, he is originally from in Kansas City but he hasn’t lived there since he was eighteen years old.

His previous job was in North West Missouri  and was at a  “Roman Catholic  seminary which main  goal was to educate young men for the Roman Catholic Priest hood” said   Dr Brownsberger. OLLU as a  whole was a huge change for him but with our friendly family enviroment  Dr. Brownsberger fell in love.  “ I have lived in Texas once before but never in South Texas but the culture change has been a very welcoming thing that I embrace. ” said Dr. Brownsberger.

Talking to 2nd year student Hannah Briley I asked what does she want to expect from the new dean? Hannah said  “ I want him  to have a open door policy not just to meet with him but sit down and talk to us. Here at OLLU family is huge and I feel like the deans which they have done in the past have kept a very good open door policy.” Tradition is deeply rooted here at OLLU and keeping that personal connection with students to faculty  and staff makes us stand out from different schools. 

Here are a few words from Dr. Brownsberger “ I am new to this campus and I want to get to know it more and after getting to know what the school is , I would hope to get everyone on board to understand what we do as a whole. For me a lot of colleges can just give you information but here we can give you more and work in concert for the good of the students. But feel free to stop by and say hi, it does not have to be an official meeting , everyone always says this but my door is always open. I truly do mean this come in and talk get to know each other.” 

What has stood out the most about OLLU I asked Dr.Brownsberger? “ The students here are truly grateful for this amazing opportunity to be at an institution of higher education.  They are wonderful people who appreciate the opportunities that we may offer to them. “ 

His first interview: “ I had a good interview with the phone committee and had such a great feeling, but being brought to this city and this place I knew this is were I belonged. Dr.Brownsberger is located on the second floor of main and is eager to work with students.

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