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Faculty member adopts a dog he found on campus

  SAN ANTONIO- Our Lady of the Lake Unviversity’s (OLLU) maintenance worker, Mike Aguilar, has been recognized for befriending a small dog known as the ‘school mascot,’ and later adopting her.  When Aguilar spotted the dog wandering around campus, he decided to adopt it as it seemed no one was looking out for it. The dog finally allowed Aguilar to pet and pick her up after months of feeding her. “Once we became friends, she would follow me all over campus,” said Aguilar. “Wherever I went, she would wait for me outside. The only thing was, she got to the point where she started barking at people whenever she was waiting outside the building for me, that somebody reported me.” After the days progressed, Aguilar was told that he could not take her to work anymore. “That’s when I started leaving her at home,” said Aguilar.  According to Aguilar, the dog lived on campus for three years without any help until Aguilar stepped in. As she was always by Aguilar’s side, barking, he was not permitted to bring her on school grounds anymore.  Although Aguilar had to now leave his furry friend home, his newfound friendship made a positive impact on his life.  “I don’t really blame them; it was probably more, maybe of a nuisance of her barking, than anyone being afraid of her,” Aguilar said. “Ever since the semester started, there hasn’t been a single day go by that nobody asks me about her. All the students know her, and a lot of the staff know her. And even some of the faculty. A lot of people know her. She’s a good dog.”  In addition, Aguilar said he and a few others are currently working on a program for animals, especially those roaming the OLLU campus. 
Photo cred: Mike Aguilar

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