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Santiago Reyes SAN ANTONIO TX–The holidays are for family and friends, one international student has found a home away from home. Here at Our lady of the lake University where the idea of family is felt by those thousands of miles away from home. OLLU is consisted of students from all over the country. There are roughly about 19 international students from all around the world. One international student, senior Makomborero Temboa  from  Zimbabwe Africa came to our lady of the lake  spring of 2017 and is due to graduate fall of 2019. This is what she said about here experience being 9,082 miles away from home. Coming overseas the U.S. was a hard and nerve racking decision for Teboa to makeshe said  “I was really scared it was the fist time I was away from my family because I’m really close to my family. I couldn’t just caller because of the time difference” Tambo said she was happy to be at OLLU studying biology “I feel in love with the buildings it is a pleasing view its nice to look at I love my professors and the small classes. All though OLLU has a small community felling, the felling of being away from home never becomes easier ‘’At fist it sucks my mom though I was going to quite and come home that’s how home sick I was,” Tembo said.  The one thing that makes Tambo feel at home is the friendships she has made here at OLLU she said “ you start making relationships with people and it fills that void obviously not completely but you really feel the difference when people are going home or when peoples parents come to visit.” Tambo is grateful to have her friends take her in to their homes for the holidays. Tempo explained how she rids of this felling , ‘on these brakes I’m never alone, that helps my friends make sure that I go with them like if m their family even though its not my own family I feel excepted.” Tambo said that even though she doesn’t get to see her family she is grateful for technology“ at least I can call and video call my mother, it makes things a bit easier and my mom will try to call me every day’ In the end tambo is happy that OLLU’s community has helped her find a home away from home  Tembo said “you just don’t get rid of the felling of missing home sometimes all call my mom and cry but there is also those times when I can just hang out with my roommate and shell make it okay.
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