By Karina Martinez


Founded in 1892 by the Congregation of Divine Providence, the Center for Women in Church and Society on campus helps tell the neglected stories and contributions of women in our history.

Located in the Elliot House, the center seeks to empower both women and men on campus.

“What we do is bring in women speakers who can inspire our students, not only women, but men too, and to be who God has told them to be. That nothing is impossible,” director Jacqueline Walter said.

“The Center for Women in Church and Society, for the school allows women and people in general to be all of their selves. And so we’re not just one thing or the other. You can be a spiritual person, you can be a political person,” assistant program coordinator Giana Rendon said.

Walter and the staff aim to create an environment in which students can thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually. “There are three components to our mission: leadership, spiritual growth, and to be agents of change,” Walter said.

There are multiple ways students can get involved with the Center.

“Students can get involved, actually this week, we’re working with DXN. This is domestic violence awareness month, so we’re collaborating on an event, The Haunted Truth. So we welcome students if they have a vision or want to partner with us,” Walter said.


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