Author: Hope Winningham

Should the Association of Black Students make a comeback?

November 13, 2018

SAN ANTONIO– About two years ago the Our Lady of the Lake University Association of Black Students took a turn for the worst because the values and morals were not in line with the university. Because it was not being used the organization was close to being taken off the organization catalog and due to […]

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The ultimate campus directory

October 15, 2018

By: Hope Winningham SAN ANTONIO— If you found yourself out of the know while on campus then the front desk in main is the place to go. The Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth/H-E-B Welcome Center is the one stop shop while on campus. When entering the main building near the parlor students, faculty, and visitors are greeted […]

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The Significance of Taking Sociology Courses

August 27, 2018

By Hope Winningham SAN ANTONIO—“I want students to be happy with their degree and have jobs that make them happy” Dr. A says early Monday morning. Many students may be wondering what is offered at Our Lady of the Lake and what can help one build social skills.”These courses can go into a lot of […]

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