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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
By Hope Winningham SAN ANTONIO—“I want students to be happy with their degree and have jobs that make them happy” Dr. A says early Monday morning. Many students may be wondering what is offered at Our Lady of the Lake and what can help one build social skills.”These courses can go into a lot of different directions and open up different opportunities” says Dr. Renelinda Arana Bressler (Dr.A). She is currently the head director of the sociology department at Our Lady of the Lake University.SOCIOLOGY GROUPdr. A Sociology is a upcoming popular major/ minor at Our Lady of the Lake University. Dr. A recommended that each student at least two sociology class during their time here. There are many benefits to these courses as far as figuring out society. If you are having trouble in your workplace with discrimination or prejudice these classes help you understand why. “There are a lot of numbers and percentages involved with sociology , this is something most people do not know about” says Dr. A. The two recommended classes to take are SOCI-1301 which is the introduction to sociology classes and SOC-1306 social problems. These two courses will give students a douse and idea on what to expect. Sociology is the study of the development , structure and functioning of human society or social problems. These courses help anyone learn to adapt to different problems in todays’ world and adjust accordingly while still being successful. If you are interested in learning more information stop by Moye 208 to speak with Dr. Renelinda.
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