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A Piece of History: The Phoenix Audio WIN_20160312_163529By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—Finding antique items is always exciting and interesting. Recently The Lake Front, acquired a piece of history, The Phoenix. The Phoenix is a freshman edition, Our Lady of the Lake College, newspaper dated March 25, 1942. The newspaper is in good condition considering it is 74 years old. To put the year of 1942 in aspect here are some events that happened that year: America and 25 other countries sign a united declaration against the Axis and joined the fight in WWII (January 1, 1942), Bambi was released (August 21, 1942), Muhammad Ali was born (January 17, 1942). For more events in 1942 click this link: The Lake Front received this paper from Arthur Salazar, the women’s soccer coach at OLLU. As the Editor-In-Chief of the current The Lake Front, I felt that The Phoenix brought us back to where we came from. The women who wrote this paper were determined to showcase themselves and I feel proud to have roots such as this. To personally see the paper, stop by The Lake Front office, Main 219.
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