So, what do you plan on doing with an English degree? If you too are an English major like me, you have probably gotten this question more times than you can count. As English majors, we surprisingly have quite a few options when choosing our future careers. Some individuals assume education is the path English majors will choose, but the opportunities are endless.

In addition, many college students working towards an English degree miss out on the broad and unique career opportunities after graduation. Skills such as creativity and strong writing are a must for authors, editors, and publishers, but these skills can go a long way in the professional world as well.

Here are the top 10 unexpected and underrated careers you can succeed in with an English degree:

1. Public Relations

  • Work done in public relations require writing reports, newsletters, and pitch letters for a company, this is perfect for someone that enjoys the more professional side of writing. There is also the choice of working PR for the government as a press secretary. This is where you would help keep the public informed about the progress of different policies and campaigns.

2. Marketing Research

  • Market researchers run or develop studies to gauge how consumers think and act. This is a high-paying job that requires lots of research skills and a strong ability to pick up on trends early on. Marketing research is a way to use creativity to solve problems based on the way consumers think and act.

3. Search Engine Optimization

  • While this career is only known to some, this is a fairly new industry where you help search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) efficiently analyze which web pages show up when something is searched. It requires strong research skills and appeals to people who enjoy situations in which they learn as they go.

4. Social Media Management

  • Social media as a profession may seem strange, but in actuality, there is a very high demand for people who are proficient in popular social media sites and are able to strategically make use of it to benefit companies. This is a great job for new graduates because a lot of companies are still admitting entry-level hires for this field, providing opportunities to make connections in the communications sector.

5. Communications Officer

  • You probably wouldn’t expect an English major to go into politics, but the government requires in-house writers and people who specialize in communication to write materials including press releases and speeches for government officials. This would be a great field to look into if both English and politics interest you.

6. Film Editor

  • Aside from the technological aspects, film editing revolves around understanding the importance of a strong narrative. The editor must piece together the footage in order to tell a strong story, one that provokes the desired emotional responses. This is an ideal career for an English major, or someone with a passion for both the visual and written aspects of storytelling.

7. Non-Profit Communication

  • This position at a non-profit would require communication assistance with the press and media, fundraising, and volunteer relations. This would be a great way to get work experience early on while also making a difference in your community.

8. Advertising

  • An English major is obviously very familiar with creativity, and advertising requires lots of it. Projects could range from writing commercial scripts and taglines to thinking of unique ideas for product launches or coming up with various printed ads. The best way to get involved with this exhilarating industry is to come up with some samples on your own that you could eventually present to a potential employer.

9. Brand Management

  • Brand management calls for creative people with good communication skills. In this position, you would oversee the development and promotion of different products.

10. Curriculum Developer

  • There are actually more career opportunities in the education sector for English majors than just your subject. A curriculum developer is like a playwright, and their classroom is the theater — they piece together the course so that it will resonate with their students in the best way.

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