Photo Oct 02, 1 22 26 PMBy D’Mitrius Rios SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The Our Lady of the Lake University Police Department works 24/7 watching the campus to protect the university and its students, making them comparable to superheroes. Even if you never meet them or know who they are there is always a leader in every group, and in OLLU’s case this is Chief Ramon Zertuche. While working at Our Lady of the Lake University since 2001, Zertuche became the permanent Chief of Police late 2017. He began as a Patrol Sergeant before being promoted to Lieutenant and serving as Interim Chief since 2016. Crime statistics on college campuses are either high or low and even though things happen or not “there are always various ways to assess the crime rate,” Chief Zertuche said.  Our Lady of the Lake University follows the Clery Act which according to the Clery Center website, “is a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics.” Our Lady of the Lake’s ‘Clery’ crime statistics rate is low and lower than other colleges in the surrounding area. When compared to the crime statistics of other local zip codes in the San Antonio Police Department Zertuche provided that “OLLU’s crime rate is low compared to other local zip code areas.” OLLU’s Police Department is considered a full-service department. “In addition to providing campus safety and security, we offer non-police services such as assisting with flat tires, unlocking vehicles and providing escorts to and from campus buildings, parking lots and residence halls,” Zertuche said. The Police Department is equipped to respond and handle all emergencies on campus. The Police Officers have the title as Texas Peace Officers, meaning that their authority is at the statewide level. Chief Zertuche said, “We can enforce the law in the city and county if our service is needed.” At the University Police Department, their focus is “entrust to serve and protect OLLU, and it’s campus community.” They also strongly “focus ‘on their’ patrol on the campus including the Convent property and maintain a police presence out in the community and the city park,” said Chief Zertuche. The University Police are efficient at their jobs handling different situations, like a lockdown or a fire in a dormitory. Student Melissa Franco said, “The OLLU police act very professional, as well as answering phone calls and saying hello to everyone in the hallway.” You can call the University Police at (210) 433-0911 to immediately report anything out of the ordinary. Always remember, if you see something suspicious or out of place, please say something.
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