SAN ANTONIO – The only thing more stressful than going back to school is going back to school completely online.

  1. Your internet connection is slow.
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When classes were held in person it was already stressful enough to have slow internet in order to complete assignments. Now, imagine relying solely on the internet for your entire curriculum.

2. You are the first one to enter the virtual classroom.

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There is nothing louder than the awkward silence of the online classroom.

3. The teacher asks you a question while you are away from the computer.

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There is nothing like the panic that sets in when you are making breakfast and you hear your teacher ask you a question in your online class.

4. When the audio cuts out while the professor is asking a question.

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Then it reconnects and everyone is silent, and you start to realize that the teacher may have called on you.

5. When you are enjoying a three-course meal and the professor asks you to turn on your camera.

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To be fair, nobody can stop you from eating in your own household. 

6. You roll out of bed five minutes before class.

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In all honesty, most of us are probably still in bed during online class.

7. Your household forgets that you are in class and everyone can hear them.

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Sometimes you just have to settle for poor internet connection and sit outside.

8. The professor is late to the online class meeting.

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Seriously, if I can make the commute from my bed to my computer on time then so can you.

9. Your classmates sabotage your discussion post grades.

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There is nothing worse than classmates waiting until the literal last minute to submit their discussion post. Now, your mandatory replies are past due.

10. The only thing you got out of online learning was back pain.

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Learning from home is convenient, but is it really worth the headaches and chronic back pain?

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