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San Antonio- Are you a lover of podcasts? Then you will love Hey Riddle Riddle! This podcast is about, well, you guessed it: riddles. The cast consists of Erin Keif, John Patrick Conan (JPC) and Adel Rifai, the creator of the podcast. Together all three are known as the Clue Crew. Each member is well skilled in improvisational comedy and have performed in different podcasts.

Every episode runs for about 40 minutes to an hour while the Clue Crew tries to solve near to impossible riddles. They switch on and off on who gets to tells the riddles that are presented by the character Old Man Puzzies. The riddles they use come from riddle books they get from fans, online or fan submitted entries. You are almost guaranteed to laugh every episode by just listening to them talk to one another.

After the Clue Crew solve each riddle they perform a scene where they reenact what they feel the riddle would look like in a realistic setting. However, Old Man Puzzies does make it difficult for them by requesting special characteristics to make the scene funny and memorable.

If you need a good laugh then this is the podcast for you. You can start anywhere in the series and fall in love with the cast. I suggest listening to episode 25, “Puzzies and Wizzys,” where the Clue Crew finds out that Erin came up with the idea of a famous Harry Potter character before the book, and she mentions she can control local weather.

A new episode is uploaded every Wednesday so you have something to look for in the middle of the week. You can find Hey Riddle Riddle on Apple Podcast, Stitcher and Spotify or you can listen to their podcast on their website

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