As cases of coronavirus spike in Texas, Our Lady of the Lake University has collaborated with Curative to set up a COVID-19 testing site on the university’s San Antonio campus. The testing center, located in the parking lot next to St. Martin Hall, is open to the general public.

Curative, founded in January 2020 to combat sepsis, pivoted to COVID-19 testing in March, and aims to “end the COVID-19 pandemic by providing simple-to-use and painless testing at scale to produce reliable data,” according to the company’s website.

Test site workers Bianca Sanchez and Hidie Renovato took a moment from their work to explain the testing process.

“You register, whether it’s online or whether it’s here with us, and it only takes a couple minutes,” Renovato said. “You walk up to the kiosk and cough three times before you get to the window. Then, we collect the sample and send it off to the lab. Results come in in two to three days.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, Texas has surpassed 1 million total coronavirus cases, which makes access to places like these much more valuable. As such, according to Sanchez and Renovato, the corner of 24th and San Luis Streets is seeing consistent footfall.

“We’re getting close to over 100 people per day,” Renovato said.

Sanchez and Renovato encourage everyone to take advantage of their resources, especially as the holiday travel season approaches.

“It is important for everyone to take a couple minutes of your time to get tested, before you leave and after you come back,” Sanchez said.

If you’d like to get tested, the test site is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm through the end of November.

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