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By Jazmin Sanchez SAN ANTONIO—At a recent event in OLLU, Dr. Marco Cervantes, an assistant professor at the University of Texas in San Antonio, was invited to talk in front of more than 30 students on Wednesday, February 24. Cervantes shared his thoughts and experiences of the world by rapping and showing us that music is another form to advocate.

Cervantes grew up in Houston, earned his M.A. in English from the University of Texas in San Antonio and his B.A. in English at the University of Houston-Downtown. He also goes by his rap stage name Mexican Step-grandfather and has performed locally, nationally and aboard. Music was part of his life growing up and has learned to use his rapping ability to advocate and raise awareness of Chicano and African cultures, along with several others.

“Black Lives Matter. I have been engaged to some of the activism surrounding.” Cervantes stated. “I feel like it’s quite important for Chicanos to understand the importance of looking at the injustices that Black people face in the United States.”

Throughout his presentation, Cervantes spoke of how Chicanos and African-Americans should be involved in the issues that are occurring in both cultures. He also mentioned growing up in a critical time when civil rights were violated.

Today, Cervantes still teaches as an assistant professor in the Mexican-American studies department at UTSA. He is currently working with other rappers such as Easy Lee and Third Root to raise funds for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Students were moved by his presentation and the message he spreads through his music.   “Young black and brown profile as a bargain. The biggest gang time is the police department. Stealing our lives. Destroying families. How many students? How many tragedies?”  

For more information on the presentation, visit the podcast.

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