In a Juicy Couture baby blue tracksuit jacket, low rise jeans, a fuzzy clutch to match, fashion icon and heiress Paris Hilton was photographed in 2003 attending the “Organic Odyssey” fashion show. Gaudy 2000’s fashion is making its comeback, and this style is becoming more and more familiar for today’s youth.

SAN ANTONIO- Time to pack up your butterfly clips, hair extensions, low rise jeans, spray tans, and Juicy Couture tracksuits if you want to follow the latest fashion trend. Y2K fashion is making its official comeback, meaning, you no longer have to miss your  Myspace days, and you might be hearing about Jersey Shore and Paris Hilton a bit more often. 

Vogue has confirmed that trucker hats and graphic tees are one of the current biggest trends. Gen Z has been actively keeping in touch with millenial nostalgia and terms of fashion and lifestyle.

Lillianna Guajardo, a student at Texas A&M University at San Antonio, and advocate for Y2k fashion shared her input on the latest aesthetic, and how she’s choosing to keep up with the trend.

Guajardo says she actively searches for clothes that fit the style.

“When I think of Y2k, the top two things that come to mind are definitely Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton, and reality shows like Rock of Love or The Simple Life.”

However, the fashion aspect of the early 2000’s is making its return, but websites that resemble the look of Myspace are here, bringing the look and lifestyle back to life.

Guajardo stated, “I remember the Myspace craze, but I was so young at the time that I couldn’t have a profile of my own, so when I heard about  SpaceHey, I was so excited, and I immediately made a profile. I would say I have over 20 friends on the website.”  

While Myspace is still up and running, the original template is gone, and its primarily music based. However, the new website “Spacehey” created by 18-year-old German web developer Anton Röhm, shares the original websites template, offers the same web activities, and captures the nostalgia of the Myspace days. 

As of April 2022, Spacehey has over 500,000 users, one of them being Guajardo. 

Gen Zeers Spacehey accounts are currently active, influential, and almost identical to the original MySpace template. MySpace led many of the cast members from Jersey Shore to stardom, and Guajardo admits that reality TV star and fashion icon of the 2000’s Nicole Polizzi (“Snooki”) , is one of her biggest style inspirations.


Lillianna Guajardo and Snooki side by side comparison as they share similar fuzzy boots. 

If you’re wondering on how to start dressing Y2K, Guajardo believes pulling up reference photos of celebrities from the early 2000’s or looking at influencers who base their style off of that era may help point you in the right direction.

Many TikToker’s like influencers Michaila Cothran, and Tea’ Maisel-Chmaj document their outfits through short videos, which are heavily inspired by the on start of the millennium.

Her advice to those who want to dress the part involves accessorizing more, for women, finding anything with rhinestones or Juicy Couture related is perfect, and “the gaudier the better”.

For men, she believes Ed Hardy and graphic tees are the best way to go. 

Guajardo says, “one of the most important parts of 2000’s fashion are Juicy Couture tracksuits”, and these are easy to find if you’re on online shops like Depop, Poshmark, or Mercari. Guajardo says that thrift shopping is another great way to find gaudy tees and low-rise jeans that fit the era and you.

Guajardo’s Burgundy Velvet Juicy Couture Tracksuit from Poshmark

The obsession with early 2000s fashion and hobbies may not be singular to Guajardo, since many influencers are speaking about the topic and promoting the days of in her words, “originality”.  

Holly Madison Girls Next Door star, New York Times bestselling author, and ex-playmate has a podcast entitled “Girls Next Level” with Bridget Marquardt where fans ask questions that show that there is “clearly a demand for y2k fashion”, says Guajardo. 

But why the reportedly current obsession and sudden comeback?   

Guajardo believes that today, “we don’t have anything unique”.

  She believes that celebrities at that time were incredibly influential, and the era was the height of pop culture and originality, therefore, it is something that has and will continue to live on since we may be trying to revert to when days were a bit simpler. 


So, if you want to keep up with the trends, find inspirations, follow y2k fashion influencers, and rock your Ed Hardy shirts and blinged out glasses.  

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