“> By Paul Marquez SAN ANTONIO—Work study another option for those students who want to make money while on campus. Our Lady of the lake University has many options for these students. Some options include working at the IT help desk or the Print Shop. One of the benefits of working on campus is how flexible your work schedule is.  The money made on campus can help buy food or even textbooks. Senior Star Jimenez tells me how working at the print shop helped change her work experience. “It changed me to where I was able to gain experience on how networking, team building, and collaboration is the key when working in groups.” Jimenez said. Teamwork is a very important when working on campus. Jimenez says she will miss helping people with their issues and how grateful they were for her help. As you become settled into your work study job you will become a part of the department. Jimenez says working on campus helped keep her priorities straight and the convenience of working on campus within the same location of her classes helped.   The hours working on campus will differ depending on the department you are working in. The top priority is school work so work study will work with your class schedule. No longer are you having to leave class and rush off to work. OLLU has many options on campus for qualified students. The cash earned during work study can be used to buy supplies for school or dorm supplies. While most students spend a big part of their day on campus why not make some money.   While earning money is great, another benefit is the experience. Becoming a work study instills responsibility that prepares you for when you leave the Lake. The experience can help round out your resume. This experience will help when applying for other positions outside of campus. For more information on job postings, students are encouraged to visit Student Employment in the Walter Center room 23.
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