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By Alexa Saavedra SAN ANTONIO – Aside from phone calls and text messages Our Lady of the Lake (OLLU) insist that students stay connected through their school email, Marquita Aldridge campus News and Information Editor said, “e-mail is our most efficient way to get an important message across to the OLLU community.” The campus uses email to release immediate messages to students and faculty. Although they’ve used calls and text-messages as other ways of communicating, they continue to depend on the school email to reach the community mass quickly and efficiently. There is an easy way to stay connected by syncing your school email to your phone, this allows you to receive immediate notifications when a new email has been sent. Campus police alerts, school events, and professor emails can make it easy for you to stay informed on what is happening on campus. Senior Jessica Lugio said, “sometimes my professors would cancel class but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t check my email, now I receive it right away. You can find out about school events, free food, or important dates for registration and FAFSA.” Although the semester is coming to an end, important messages will still be sent throughout the summer. “Students are encouraged to continue to stay connected through summer, sometimes we offer internship opportunities or job fairs that students should always take advantage of,” Aldridge continued. The school email has also recently been updated and now allows you to save documents for easier accessibility. Documents on Word, Power Point, and Publisher can all be saved through your email on the Outlook application. For those having trouble syncing their email to their phone, assistance is available at the Student Service Center on the second floor of the Walter building.
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