By. Erica Guevara

SAN ANTONIO- Do you have a hot date this Valentines Day? Typically Valentines Day is where two people share a romantic date with one another, but do they share the bill? Who should pay the tab at the end of the date?

Tamara Session, an Our Lady of the Lake University senior studying Marital and Family Therapy said “people go on dates to meet new people to eventually get in a relationship with that person, or to get out of their comfort zone. When it comes to the bill, I would say maybe equally between the two, unless one person said they wanted to pay for the meal. Or, the person that asked their date out should pay. It does not hurt to help out your fellow date. The person that asked the other individual out on the date might want to pay.”

Our Lady of the Lake University student Brian Bernal said “The gentleman should pay the bill because it has always been a tradition where the man should always pay for dinner, especially on Valentines Day. It is what men are taught to do in todays society.”

University of Texas at San Antonio graduate Mia Martinez said “I know we grow up with the norms on how the man is supposed to pay, but there are also circumstances where some college students cannot pay. Usually what my parents tell me is to go half and half.”

Session explains the most common type of dates and times. Session said “The common Valentines date would be a dinner or movie date, usually around six or seven in the evening.”

Session ended by explaining that when it comes to dating there are no limits to love. “Everyone has a chance of meeting a potential date every day, every second, every minute. There is endless possibilities when it comes to dating. Just take it a pace at a time,” Session said.

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