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By: Erica Guevara SAN ANTONIO- Most of the time students have breaks in between classes. Students who live on campus have the opportunity to go straight back to their dorms when they have long breaks in between classes. But where do commuters go and hang out when they have free time? Students who don’t live on campus have to find places to go when they have free time. Resident Assistant Arlene Lopez said, “Commuters go to the library. They also go to the first and second floor of Main where they have computers and study areas.” Commuters can also be found in the Renaissance Parlor on the 1st floor of Main. “I’ve seen people on their computers, doing work, eating, everything,” Lopez said. Freshman Commuter Amya Guillen-Rodrigez finds herself hanging out in the Renaissance Parlor on her free time. “The place I go is the Renaissance Parlor, that’s where anyone can find me. I tell my friends, if you wanna find me, you know where I am,” Guillen-Rodriguez said. Commuters have felt uncomfortable trying to find places to sleep between classes. “I think it would be a good idea to have a resting area for commuters, because I’ve heard people say they didn’t feel comfortable finding a place to sleep on campus, but they couldn’t drive back home,” Lopez said.
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