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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
By Mariana Salazar SAN ANTONIO—As the holidays approach, there is one party we will surely get invited to – the ugly sweater party. This traditional party has been around and growing momentum for over the past decade. Whether you are part of the half that embraces this tradition, or the half that considers it a complete fashion faux pas, the ugly sweater party is here to stay. While it began as a bonafide “ugly sweater,” throughout the years the traditional “ugly sweater” has taken a twist into being so ugly that it’s cute, becoming kitschy and cool at the same time. The creativity behind these sweaters escalated, now more like a competition on whose sweater is the ugliest. It is not simply the sweater that must be taken into consideration, but the entire outfit. Making an oversized sweater a dress and pairing it with tights and boots has been a recent popular look. However, the ideas on the “ugly sweater” have varied and can now be associated with many household labels and high-end designers. An ugly sweater really has no limits. In an era when almost anything can be considered fashion, the possibilities are endless. However, if you want to narrow your options, here are a few things to consider when making your ugly sweater really ugly. First, you must identify if you want to explore your arts and crafts skills, or if you would rather find something that is already ugly and ready-to-wear. Considering you choose the latter, then a few fashion trends to consider are: oversized, color block, bulky, as well as gaudy and tacky. A recent addition to the ugly sweater contest is the adult onesie. While is not a sweater, the complete one zipper, pajama-like outfit has recently been accepted in ugly sweater parties wholeheartedly. If you are currently looking for a ready-made sweater to wear with your favorite bottoms, the oversized look is what’s trending right now. The loose-fitting, hipster-like sweater, paired with chunky, gaudy accessories will be the ideal look among those who attend this party. As for the fit, many sweaters, as well as blazers and coats have been a bit bulky and over-sized, meaning that tight fitting is officially out. (Thank goodness because, this style allows us eat without worrying!) However, keep in mind that this bulkiness makes the garment a bit stiffer, and broadens the shoulders. The trend that has stuck around during the past years and seems to stay is color block. In this case, we could see many single colored sweaters with bright decorations that stand out. Whether it’s the typical red sweater with a bright green tree in the front, or something more unusual, with this style you won’t go wrong. If you are planning to decorate your own sweater, then the sky’s the limit for your creativity. The ideas are endless; however, sites like Pinterest and many blogs, can now help on how to successfully make your sweater. Jingle bells never get old, nor do the fluffy pom poms, Glitter is always welcomed, and people have even found way to include lights. The truth is, this party is about having fun, spending time with your loved ones and feeling cozy. If this means wearing a traditional, boring, Cosby-like sweater; then, so be it. Whether you choose to make your sweater a fashion statement or not, is up to you, but don’t let an “ugly sweater” keep you from a holiday gathering.
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