June 21, 2021

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When The Bed Bugs Start Biting

By Chloe M. Brown

SAN ANTONIO—“Sweet dreams and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” On OLLU campus, a few of the residents have being saying this phrase with sincerity.  In Centennial Hall’s lower level, residents faced the challenge of  dealing with bed bugs from the beginning of the 2016 fall semester. At first students thought that they might be allergic to their laundry detergent, but that’s only because bed bug bites do not show until 10-14 days after exposure.

The hard part about bed bugs is that they are hard to detect ,and  it is even more difficult to get rid of bed bugs. OLLU students of Centennial had a firsthand experience with the aggravation of dealing with bed bugs.

One of the main ways to get rid of bed bugs is with heat. However, heating up rooms to around 140 degrees –while an effective method- can conflict with students’ daily life. To have this process done, students have to remove all items that would explode, become damaged, or melt in such heat.

“I chose to live on campus because it would be easier, not to have bed bugs the first day I arrive. I don’t want to wake up to random bites on my body.” Summerjay Almanza, a resident in Centennial Hall, states. Residence found themselves getting frustrated with the bed bug situation; however, the number of bed bugs are growing. They are common in college dorm rooms that are dormant in the hot summer months.  According to Bed Bug Treatment site, in the past 10 years there has a been a 50 percent increase in bed bugs worldwide.

Keep a lookout for bed bugs. While there isn’t an exact science of finding bed bugs, early detection is extremely important. With the resurgence of bed bugs, we can all hope that when we go to sleep that they do not bite.

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