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By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—With the start of the new fall semester, returning students have noticed a change to the St. Annie B’s Cafeteria options. The fall 2017 semester started off with little options to choose from in the dining hall. Senior Diana Zelaya says, “When school started, I felt like that they lacked a variety and options.” The choices were limited to a bag of chips, some candy and granola bars, and fountain drinks. But as the semester is already in it’s fifth week, the Cafeteria has seen the addition of new snacks and food items for students to enjoy in between classes. Zelaya continued in saying that the staff are very attentive to students and are willing to make accommodations for students which includes those who are Vegan. “Overall, I expect great things from them and I hope to see more improvements throughout the semester.” Zelaya says. Students can also leave their own comments on the change about the cafeteria and give suggestions through the “Dine on Campus” app located in the app store for iphone and apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You are able to see what food will be available on certain days and leave feedback and also informs you on events happening on campus. Only time will tell what new additions will be made to the Sister Annie B’s Cafeteria.IMG_0754
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