January 15, 2021

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What’S A Good Roommate?

SAN ANTONIO –  College will probably be your first time sharing a space with someone that you do not know. You might have some room-and-board experiences with your siblings, but it can be hard at times when living with someone who does not know about rules or boundaries.

Brianna De Leon, a freshman at OLLU said “We don’t have spoken rules or set up rules. We naturally ask to keep tabs on each other just checking up on where we are at and when each of us is getting home.”

Annalisa Luna, another freshman who lives on campus, does have a set of rules with her roommates. “At 10 at night, anyone at the dorm must leave for us to get ready for the next day and making sure we have everything that we need.”

“Having rules is important, and keeping clean is key. “I am a very neat person,” De Leon added. “I like coming home to a spotless apartment, and when I’m stressed, one way to alleviate the stress for me is to clean.”

Similarly, Luna brought up the notion of establishing a routine to ensure cleanliness between roommates, stating “We take turns washing the dishes and taking out the trash.”

Having a couple of friends over can be exciting, but respect for boundaries typically remains an unspoken rule between roommates.

“I am alright with guests but the apartment walls are thin,” de Leon said on the topic of visitors. “Some courtesy when having guests over at late hours would be appreciated. Currently, that has been a slight issue in my dorm.”

“A good roommate is courteous of the other people they are living with,” said Luna. “Besides being nice and communicating with each other, respect and courtesy is what mostly make up good roommates to me,” said Luna.

Patrick Zavala, a resident assistant in Lakeside View Apartments at Our Lady of the Lake University, said “If there is ever a problem with a roommate, always talk to them first. Have a communication system with your roommate.” Zavala added that an RA can help you with a variety of issues ranging from rude neighbors to room lockouts. “On weekends the office is open 24 hours for any assistance.”

When incoming college students arrive at a new university, they oftentimes have no idea regarding what type of roommate they might end up with. Make sure you have a set of rules and exercise good communication with your fellow roommates.

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