May 16, 2021

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What You Should Be Reading This Summer

By Chloe M. Brown

Summer is around the corner and the to be read pile is growing. Whether you are wanting to read the hotest new books or you’re just looking for a good read, here’s a list of books that you should pick up to read poolside or take with you on your vacation.

Let’s start this list off with a bang. Are you craving an adventure that isn’t too quick that you can’t keep up and not too slow that you fall asleep? Then the perfect book for you is The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci that just came out in April. This is an indie novel about a savior but in the classical sense. The story takes a new twist on arena battles, marring the chosen one, and what it means to be a winner. This is a good book for a long car ride to your next vacation destination.

The next book is something for those who enjoy contemporary fiction. The Strange Fascination of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold doesn’t come out until May 22, but it’s worth the wait! All of David Arnold’s books are completely immersive experiences, yet Noah Hypnotik is said to be his most ambitious novel to date. This novel takes on a touch of science fiction when Noah gets hypnotized and it changes everything. Arnold’s books are always hard to summarize, but they are worth the journey every time.

After taking a break from wars with Noah, slide back into the action with Dread Nation by Justina Ireland that gives the reader a story about a young girl named Jane who is trained in both weaponry and etiquette. But this is more than a historical fiction on what it means to be southern during the Civil War.  Get ready for action, conspiracies, and a desperate fight for her life as she is sucked into the mud of a political war she never wanted to be a part of.

It feels like there isn’t enough magic in this list yet, which brings us to Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman. Jump into the magical kingdom of Goredd where dragons exist but sexism is still alive. Our hero is determined to not let social norms define what she can do as she disguises herself as a man and heads out to see what this magical world has to offer her. Of course, there are secrets revealed, old friends reunited, and no magical story would be complete without a mysterious dragon adventure.

If you are still sick of this world then let’s steal away to the faerie land where the Cruel Prince by Holly Black takes place. It’s not all as pleasant as it seems with our main character being brought there after her “stepfather” kidnaps her and her sisters away after murdering her parents. Now coming of age, she is forced to find her place in the court. Despite the faeries pretty appearance, they are not human and as a civil war threatens the court, it’s all about what side to take.

These are not the only books that have come out this year and should NOT be the only ones on your list.  Happy adventures and hopefully one of these picks will help aid in the wanderlust of summer vacation.

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