By Tatiana Johnson

SAN ANTONIO—Spring has come to OLLU once again and, as a Catholic university, Lent shortly follows. Promoting OLLU’s spiritual pride and charity, OLLU’s Student Ministry is always hosting and facilitating opportunities for students to experience and be active in spiritual nourishment. This Lentin season Student Ministry is hard at work promoting three projects: CRS rice bowls, Wednesday Simple Meals, and Stations of the Cross.

In an interview with senior Student Minister Henry Garcia, the CRS rice bowls is a fundraising device for the Catholic Relief Service, a religious organization committed to bringing food and service to underfunded, rural communities. These small card stock containers are used to collect small donations that will go to the purchasing of food and seed for agricultural for families in underdeveloped countries abroad. These rice bowls can be picked up in the Elliot House and returned by the end of Lent for collection. In accordance with the CRS, Student Ministry is offering Wednesday Simple Meals in the Elliot House at 1 p.m. every Wednesday. These meals are cooked from recipes given from CRS to exhibit the variety and simplicity of the meals that CRS will be able to provide these families with your generous donations.

The last opportunity being offered to students is the Stations of the Cross. During this time of Lent, students are encouraged to join the student ministers in a guided meditation as they follow the journey of the Passion of Christ in the grotto behind St. Ann’s dorm hall. This opportunity is offered every Friday at p.m.

During this Lenten season Student Ministry invites students, faculty, family, and friends to join them in these event and opportunities. These events of prayer, meditation, and reflection will be regularly held until the beginning of OLLU’s spring break, March 17.

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