By Alex Escobar SAN ANTONIO—With National Cyber Security Month almost over in October, Our Lady of the Lake University is hosting a Cyber Security Session Presented by ASSOCIATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS (AITP). Chris Cook started of Cyber Security Awareness month with a presentation in the beginning of the month. Chris is the Founder of Cyber Texas Foundation here in San Antonio. He talked to students about the cyber security juggernaut that San Antonio has. He goes on in his presentation saying, “San Antonio has the second largest cyber workforce of any community in the country. Number one is Washington D.C.” Chris talked about the history of America’s cyber security and how it has evolved over the last decade and the benefits of having a career in cyber security. “Over the last ten years, cyber security has become every bodies problem… There are one million unfilled cyber security jobs in the world today… those of you who have the skills there is a demand out there… it’s important work.” Cyber Security Awareness Month ends at the end of October and AITP is hosting one more session on October 26 during Community Hour in room 304 of the Main Building. This is a great opportunity to learn about tops and tricks for cyber safety that could be passed on.

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