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By Lakefront Staff

SAN ANTONIO- The Ruben M. and Veronica Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater hosted their second annual Mass Commference event in late April.

Mass Commference is a three-day event that brings in professional in the field of mass communication. Although this was second year the event was held, it was the first year that the conference took place face-to-face.

The mass conference was held on April 25 – 27 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Main 311 and 24th Street Theater.

“I personally think Mass Commference was very beneficial for students especially those going into or are Interested in communication,” Tina Treviño, OLLU student, said. “It has taught me a lot about how we communicate, how the world has evolved with communications, how people have changed with the way we communicate and lastly how technology has played a big role in that.”

The event was open to the public and completely organized by students in the mass communication program, Jeremy Falkner, the student communications director, was able to secure a $1,500 sponsorship with Whataburger by making the connection on LinkedIn.

WHATABURGER sponsored giveaways

Public Relations (PR) Day

The conference kicked-off with PR Day and featured four speakers who are working in the field and were able to give insight and advice to students. Speakers for day-one included:

  • Session one was titled “Beyond Broadcast: Leveraging outreach opportunities outside of traditional media” it was presented by Katie Harvey, chief executive officer (CEO) of KGB Texas Communications.
  • Session two titled “PR now and then: What I was doing at OLLU, What will you be doing at 60?” it was presented by Mae Escobar, CEO of aMAEzing Marketing Group.
  • Session three titled “Rising to the Occasion: Redefining an Industry in the Wake of Crisis” was presented by Cassandra Yardeni Wagner, vice president (VP) of at Euclild Media Group.
  • Session four titled “Being Authentic in the Virtual Future of Marketing” was presented by Thomas McBryde, CEO of Innovate Aesthetics.

Multimedia Journalism Day

Day two welcomed local journalist working for different media entities like KENS5, KSAT12 and SASportsStar. Presentations were given to students about what it takes become a journalist. Speakers for day-two included:

  • Session one titled “What’s Next In Sport’s Jouranlism” presented by Carolina Teague, Radio Journalist at SASportsStar and other media entities around San Antonio.
  • Session two titled “What’s next for the future of television news?” presented by Lexi Hazlett, multimedia journalist at KENS5.
  • Session three titled “KSAT News Now + OLLU Edition” was presented by Alicia Barrera, multimedia journalist and anchor at KSAT News.
  • Session four titled “What’s Next: The Future of the Newsroom” was presented by Sarah Duran, multimedia journalist at KENS5.

“It was really interesting to see the technicalities behind journalism because it’s something I consume everyday through social media and or on tv. It was really interesting to see what goes on behind it,” Marissa Antu said.

Digital Film, Theater & Tech Writing Day

Day-three brought students insights from the perspective of actors, technical writers, and social media influencers. Speakers for the final day of mass conference included:

  • Session one titled “Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Experience From Script to Screen” presented by Nikki Young, film producer of PrimaDonna Productions.
  • Session two titled “Content Creators and Comedy Tik Tokers” presented by Samantha Najera, social media influncer and CEO of Heartfire Media, limited liability company (LLC).
  • Session three titled “The Evolving Nature of Learning, Communications, and Engagement in 2022” presented by Jessica Avitia, learning specialist of the University of Texas (UT) health science center at San Antonio.
  • Session four titled “Three, Two, Now What?: Theatrics Questions and Answers” presented by Josey Porras, theater and voice actress.

To learn more about the next mass commference, follow @mass.commference on Instagram.

All photos used in this article are credited to Sydney Rodriguez.

Eric Speelman, Daisy Cantwell, Gabriel Cook, Annabelle Vasquez, Daniel Ortiz, Paris Quintanilla and Nicky Haskins contributed to this report.

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