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By Melissa Aguirre

SAN ANTONIO- Driving past Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) may look a bit different as OLLU has added some school spirit to the campus. If you drive by campus, you may notice the OLLU blue and white gate cups that shape the Wings Up emblem.

The Student Government Association (SGA) passed a vote to add the fence decorations to the gate across the way from the Sueltenfuss Library and may soon be adding more around campus.  

I’m all about school spirit,” said OLLU student Silenia Sifuentes. “It reminds me of encouragement, love and prosperity.”

Aside from our glorious campus buildings, lushes greens and a few banners, there is not much school spirit inside and out.  

“We are trying to add as much school spirit as possible to the school,” said Madison Polasek, SGA president. 

OLLU Student Leadership Department and SGA urge students to get involved more and use their voice to express areas of concern or share ideas for a better campus. The student body has the power to improve, change and add to campus.  

“We try our hardest to ensure that students have all they need in a comfortable environment,” Polasek said. “We would love to have more students at our meetings and townhalls.” 

The SGA is the voice of the student body and includes all university students as members. SGA provides avenues for open dialogue between the students, staff, faculty and administration to collaboratively enhance and improve the campus community.  

“All students are welcome to attend our SGA Student Congress meetings,” Polasek said. “They are allotted time to ask questions, make comments, and also voice their concerns and opinions.” 

At the March 3, townhall meeting held virtually through Webex, students in attendance passed a vote to allow SGA to purchase banners from the façade of the currently known International Folk Culture Center (IFCC) building.  

A renaming poll for the IFCC is currently underway. Students have been asked to be part of the 125thAnniversary of OLLU by casting their vote for their favorite new name.   

The renaming of different buildings around campus is part of OLLU’s history as buildings are repurposed through time and change name to reflect their new function. Such as the Elliot House who has undergone multiple name changes over the past decade.  

The new name for the IFCC will be announced soon. To keep up with SGA please follow them on Instagram at ollu_sga.

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