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By Serapio Marquez SAN ANTONIO—Every semester around April your stress level increases. That research paper you’ve been avoiding, a final project you need to work on with a group to complete, add on the stress of studying for finals and you’ve got an emotional disaster. “My stress level increases for the next few weeks leading up to finals, then summer break.” Freshman Isaac Flores said. Many students are facing the same issues and the increased stress can have lasting effects on the body. With finals looming you can’t let the stress make you sick, now is the time to adjust your routine. Here are a few tips to help handle the increased stress during the upcoming weeks.

Time Management

As college students there is always going to be something due. In order to cut back on stress, you need to learn to manage your time. That means breaking down all your projects and papers. What papers are going to take more time to research or what project requires more time and focus. These assignments should be done first and in a timely order. Complete assignments in smal portions so you don’t stress about it all at one time. When beginning an essay, allow yourself time to process your thoughts. Sometimes just putting ideas on paper helps create a flow of ideas. Start by knowing where you want to take the paper, then break the paper down into parts. For example, that 7-page paper can be broken down into 4 parts, making it easier to complete.


How many times have you finished a paper the night before class, but it required you to stay up all night. The lack of sleep effects your body causing increased stress levels. The increased levels will only cause more trouble. Increased levels of stress can cause serious issues like depression or obesity along with diabetes. Your health comes first, so make sure to give yourself enough sleep. There is no reason to spend an entire night writing a paper. An added bonus, sleep helps fight off that pesky freshmen 15.

Don’t Over Work Yourself

Remember to relax and take time for yourself. Maybe that means taking an afternoon to do nothing but hear music or watch TV. Nobody knows your body better than you. As college students we live busy lives, taking the time to step back and relax should be a requirement. Take an hour out of your day to do something you enjoy. That could be going out for dinner with friends or simply watching Netflix. The important thing to remember is to know when you need some time to yourself. Making sure you know when your stress level is peaking will allow you to stop it.


Here at Our Lady Of the lake University we are fortunate to have Elmendorf Lake. Take some time to enjoy the lake and relax. There is nothing better for stress then exercise. Take advantage of the close proximity of park. On any given day the lake can be seen flood with wildlife. Not many university’s have a lake so close by that students can take advantage of. Taking 20 mins out of your day will allow you to destress. If walking or biking is not something you care for maybe yoga is. Yoga has been proven to lower stress levels. As with sleep not only are you taking care of yourself but shedding pounds. Remember after everything is done you are that much closer to the end of the semester. As always if you need someone to speak with please visit counseling services located in Providence Hall or give them a call 210-431-4053.
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