By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—College is expensive, and books just add to the cash that students are paying to the university. However, there are some alternative options to buying books at the bookstore. One of those options is to rent or buy books online. There is a significant difference between buying books in the campus store and purchasing the books on online. IMG_4049Take the book Biology: Science for Life. This book is required for the general education class, it would cost in the bookstore 145 dollars to rent new. If a student wants to rent the book used it would cost 68 dollars. Chegg can cut the price in more than halfThis book can be rented out for only 30.99. Even paying shipping can still be cheaper than renting from the school bookstore. There are a few downside with using Chegg. The first downside is that there is very limited writing allowed in the books. Also, their turn in dates have been known to be before finals. Other sites such as Bookrenter cuts down the book price to 14.99 with free shipping. It allows students to rent out the book for up to 125 days. Yet, some students like to buy their books. Amazon, while it does allow students to rent, it’s easier to buy books from them since there renting is limited for physical copies. The prices for the book starts as low as 19.80 and go up depending on condition of the book and if the book is a Prime item. Overall buy or renting online is a more budget friendly approach to buying books. If it seems like a too difficult task to compare all the book prices; there is a nifty site, that helps students compare and decide which site might be the best choice.
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