By Chloe M. Brown

SAN ANTONIO—It’s that time of year again. If you are not registered to vote, today is your last chance if you want to vote in 2016 presidential election. There are so many great places to register to vote, like Rock the Vote or through the actual government site.

The step are actually quite simple to register to vote.

Step 1 · Respond Yes or No to whether you’re a citizen

Step 2 · Indicate whether you’re filling out a new application, changing your address or name, or requesting a replacement voter registration card

Step 3 · Provide your name, date of birth, and your Texas Driver’s License or ID card number. If you don’t have one, provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

Step 6 · Provide your address

Step 7 · Provide your mailing address, if different from Step 5

Step 8 · Print the form if you’re using the online application

Step 9 · Sign and date the form

Rock the Vote has done a lot to advocate voting.  They have filmed many campaigns just trying to endorse average citizens to get register to vote and actually vote. Honestly, what’s more convincing than a bunch of celebrities telling you to do something.  If you are convince to vote for actual logical reason you can always for frivolous reason. Happy voting, but first make sure to register to vote.

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