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By Destiny Camacho SAN ANTONIO—Students returned to campus this semester with anticipation. They hoped that they would be living in the new Lakeview apartments residence hall, with delays in construction the dorms were not completed by the time students returned. This led to a series of updates and a few mishaps.
During the Thanksgiving break, the new 234-bed residence hall had a small unit fire occur on the third floor. The room and the two directly below it sustained damage. This delayed the schedule further., as the construction crew tried to correct the damage.

“It’s frustrating at this point, but I’m remaining patient and hoping to move in sooner or later.” Ebonee Marquez, OLLU senior

“I was upset to hear about the fire during break, especially since it was one that could have been avoided,” senior, Ebonee Marquez said. “I had hope of possibly moving in before Christmas break at least. It’s frustrating at this point, but I’m remaining patient and hoping to move in sooner or later.” Before the fire delay occurred, crews had finished the rooms and appliances had been moved into units. The Wi-Fi, internet and cable connections were being installed. The furniture was arriving. Students returned from the break unsure of how much this delay affected the move-in. The residence hall is three buildings. Buildings One and Two are the residences, and these have been the focus as they try to get students moved in as quickly as possible. It looks like students will finally get a chance to move into the new dorm – a semester after the original plan. The move in schedule will begin in January
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