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By Lake Front Staff
Left to right: Victoria Torres (OLLU), Katrina Martinez (OLLU), Mariela Fuentes (UIW), Karissa Vigil (UIW), Fr. James Mark Adame (UIW), Marco Martinez (CRS), Dr. Amber Aubone (St. Mary’s), Mari Ramirez (St. Mary’s), Gisela Reyes (St. Mary’s), Amelia Romo (OLLU). Photo by Jim Burger for CRS
  SAN ANTONIO—How do globally-minded university students from San Antonio spend their summer vacation? They travel to Baltimore to meet with experts from Catholic Relief Services about some of the most pressing issues facing humans around the world today – human trafficking, refugees fleeing violence and the effects of climate change on the world’s poorest citizens.  Then they go to Washington, D. C. and meet with their legislative representatives on Capitol Hill to ask for their support. Students from Our Lady of the Lake University, Saint Mary’s University of Texas, and University of the Incarnate Word were among 120 others from 47 universities across the nation who will become CRS Student Ambassadors on their campuses next year.  It will be up to them to help educate and activate their fellow students on ways they can speak up and make the world a better place.Front: Mariela Fuentes (UIW), Mari Ramirez (St. Mary’s), Katrina Martinez (OLLU) Back: Fr. James Mark Adame (UIW), Karissa Vigil (UIW), Dr. Amber Aubone (St. Mary’s), Gisela Reyes (St.Mary’s), Victoria Torres (OLLU), Amelia Romo (OLLU) Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS
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