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SAN ANTONIO – No matter which branch of service or how many years served, every veteran has a special story to tell. Most stories are full of triumph, joy, and endless life experiences. An up and coming non-profit organization called “S.I.Gnature” is here to help veterans save that special experience by coordinating the Veterans History Project. The Veterans History Project is a San Antonio based project that allows veterans to tell their story on camera and have it permanently stored in the Library of Congress. Our Lady of the Lake University Sophomore, President of S.I.Gnature, and retired Army veteran Kenae Early has taken lead on this project to get as many veterans as possible to tell their stories for their future generations to see. “The purpose behind the Veterans History Project (VHP) is to gather information from veterans and look through their eyes during wartime and their overall service to this country,” Early said. Early and the rest of the S.I.G Nature team believes that no veteran’s story should be left untold, and this project is here to ensure that these stories will be heard. Not all great military stories are about events that have happened at war. Many stories and memories are built with those you serve with on a daily basis. Stories of family, friendship, camaraderie, and learning about the different cultures of the people of your team. Twelve years Air Force veteran Demenica Woods said, “I believe sharing our experience can bridge the gap between military and civilians.” What is done for the project? The VHP will be a 30-minute video, 20-page dialogue, text, and script, and 10 original pictures of your experience. The VHP is designed to give an in-depth look into the veterans one of a kind military experience. “The benefits that the Veterans’ receive are, their story will be posted at the Library of Congress,” Early stated. Woods stated that when veterans share their stories and experiences they may not realize who, they are inspiring with them. Perception of military experience is portrayed through movies, news outlets, and television shows. However, they are mostly about war. Woods believes that “In fact, it is about the camaraderie that we build with our brothers and sisters.”  The Veteran History Project is a great way to share veteran experiences; Woods encourages veterans to consider participating if they are ready to share their experiences. Early was able to team up with San Antonio Congressman Will Hurd, who is making it possible for veterans to have their stories saved in the Library of Congress. Once the video has been approved, it will be stored in the Library of Congress for life and the veteran will always be able to request a copy. Early’s motto is “No veteran left behind!” and she is demonstrating that by this special project. For more information on The Veterans History Project, please contact Kenae Early at
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