SAN ANTONIO – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stole the spotlight at the 59th presidential inauguration ceremony of President Biden and Madam Vice President Harris resulting in a now viral meme. 

The trendy meme on social media has brought businesses and people with different political ideologies together nationwide, and it was only a matter of time that Traveling Bernie made his way to San Antonio and Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU).

Traveling Bernie on teleprompt during the Lake Front Newscast.

The Traveling Bernie meme was created during the Jan. 20, 2021, presidential inauguration ceremony when Sanders sat socially distanced in the cold wearing a mask, puffy winter coat and oversized knitted mittens. Photojournalist, Brendan Smialowski, snapped the photo of Sanders and it instantly went viral. 

Bernie Sanders sits with OLLU student during community hour.

The photo rapidly made its way across social media platforms paired with funny captions and photoshopped into different locations.

OLLU is one of the many spots around San Antonio Sanders can be spotted at.

Bernie Sanders sits in mass at OLLU.
Traveling Bernie waiting for mass to begin.

Traveling Bernie has not only made his presence seen solely via social media. Local business, Merit Coffee, has forever encased the Sanders meme in metal alloy glory.

They have unveiled their 2021 Fiesta Medal and it has all the Bernie feels.

Photo credit: Instagram Merit Coffee (@MeritCoffee)

Merit Coffee’s 2021 San Antonio Fiesta Medal can be pre-ordered starting Feb 8, and all proceeds from this medal will go to Snack-Pak-4-Kids SA.

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