1.) Quesadillas

Nothing screams budget like tortillas and cheddar cheese. Warm on a hot plate or toaster oven and serve with guacamole and sour cream.

2.) Tacos

Since you’ll have plenty of tortillas, tacos will impress anyone on any occasion. All you need is 1 lb of ground hamburger, drained, and throw in a seasoning kit. Serve with lettuce and cheese.

3.) Sloppy Joe’s

Give the hamburgers a rest, try a can of Sloppy Joe mix and serve on a bun. Perfect for two people.

4.) Toasted Subs

Give Jersey Mike a run for his money. Toast your sub buns with meat and cheese then deck it out with all the trimmings.

5.) Grilled Cheese

Nothing beats this classic. Butter your bread (sourdough is the best) and toss it in the skillet over medium heat. Add you favorite cheese, top, and turn. Viola.

6.) Ramen

Got any leftover chicken wings? Add them to a bowl of your favorite packaged noodles. 1 boiled egg later and you have a meal.

7.) Beans with Sausage

There is nothing simpler than pinto beans. Soak over-night then boil. Add some smoked sausage about an hour before they are done and you will eat for days.

8.) Pho

This dish is super satisfying and easy on a small budget. All you need is some chicken broth, noodles, and protein. Add some jalapeno and cilantro for added flavor.

9.) Chili Dogs

Chili dogs are an American classic that never fail. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese and diced onions on top and you’re in for a win.

10.) Ghetto Mac

Still have some hot dogs? Dice them up and put in with a box of your favorite Mac’ n Cheese. This meal is delicious and satisfying and costs all of $3.

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