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SAN ANTONIO — One Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) alumna is living her dream performing one gig after another, with her latest coming from non-other than TikTok.

After viewing a casting call on @SaturdayMorningTV, Josey Porras, gave it a shot and landed the voice of Ely on Saturday Morning TV and Red Circle Studio’s cartoon, RoboZeta. Auditions took place via TikTok.

Josey Porras, OLLU alum, is the voice of Ely on Saturday Morning TV cartoon, RoboZeta.

“It was so much fun. It’s very rare when you get to put your audition out there for the public’s eye,” Porras said. “It was scary at first, but the important thing is having fun and I sure did!”

Porras, 29, is an award winning actress, cosplayer and mental health advocate. She recently finished the pilot episode for RoboZeta and is in the works for the new ones. You can catch her on the company’s live stream @SaturdayMorningTV talking about her experience. Along with voicing Ely, she spent her 2021 summer performing live at SeaWorld in San Antonio. She won an Alamo Theater Arts Council Global Award for Lead Actress in Comedy in 2019.

Josey Porras, OLLU alum, is the voice of Ely on Saturday Morning TV cartoon, RoboZeta.

Upon graduating from OLLU in 2014 with a degree in mass communications, she hit the ground running.

“Right after graduating, I participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. When I got back, I began performing non-stop,” Porras said. “I toured across Texas as an actor, I was a performer at SeaWorld, was in a nationally aired commercial, starred in a short film, voiced a video game and a cartoon!”

Josey Porras, OLLU alum, is the voice of Ely on Saturday Morning TV cartoon, RoboZeta.

She toured Texas with Magik Theater, performing in ten shows of ‘Fully Committed’ where she performed as 20 different characters while simultaneously performing at the Public Theater, the Classic Theater and the Vexler Theater.

“From 2016-2020, I had the blessing of having my passion as my day job, touring Texas with some of my best friends for a Children’s Theater that promotes literacy and bilingual programming,” Porras said. “In the evenings, I spent my time performing in the musical theater, straight plays and improv at the local theaters.”

Some of her plans for the near future include diving further into commercials, voice-overs and films.
When asked about setbacks, she keeps an open mind and has faith that what is meant to be will be.

“What I believe is that my submission for the audition, my energy, doesn’t just stop and become null once the project is cast,” Porras said. “Getting your audition out there means putting your energy out there, forever. And the project/opportunity that is meant for me will come to me.”

Porras was born in California and raised in San Antonio, she labels herself as a Chicanx actress, and is a 3rd generation Pachuca. She commends OLLU for top-notch education and for their continued support.

Porras has entertained audiences as many different characters.

“While I was in school, I learned so much and received so much kindness from the faculty and staff,” Porras said. “Now, the OLLU community is (and has always been) such a huge supporter when it comes to my goals.”

She claims “the cheesy lines in movies Are. So. True! Don’t be afraid to try everything. Everything will work out. Enjoy the journey and the process—practice self-Grace. No one knows what they’re doing, so do what makes you happy, let go of what feels heavy and keep what feels light. And please, drink more water.”

If you would like to follow her adventures, please follow her Instagram @spookypatootie, where she keeps you updated about her journey in acting, cosplay and self-love.

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