January 27, 2021

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Through adversity, Eagle Pass community prevails

EAGLE PASS, TX- For those who may not know Eagle Pass is a border town near Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. According to Elected officer district clerk, Polo Vielma, the town of approximately 30,000 residents has been hit hard by COVID- 19.

Vielma has been able to help the community with monthly food distributions. “As a resident of our community, I feel glad and humbled that the community is allowing me to assist them in this crisis. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide these types of commodities.” 

The food distributions began in April in Eagle Pass and surrounding areas. The food distributions started in Quemado, Texas and have since moved the food distributions to various locations such as, El Indio, Texas; Maverick County Lake, and at the Student Activity Center (SAC).

With help from the South Texas Food Bank the food distributions have grown. Eagle Pass residents have been able to receive canned foods, dry goods, frozen chicken, ground beef, meat, vegetables, and milk. Vielma has been able to work with local vendors to donate watermelon and honey for the food distributions. 

 The community of Eagle Pass has been able to help Vielma by volunteering their time to distribute food to over 9,000 individuals. City officials, local church groups, The Knights of Columbus, The Rotary Club, high school juniors and seniors, the coaching staff from C.C. Winn High School, juvenile and adult probates are al among those who have helped distribute food. 

Vielma urges people to help their neighbors any way they can in Eagle Pass, whether that be going to pick up food for an elderly neighbor or any way that they can to help reduce the virus by taking precaution as well as educating the public on good hygiene care.

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