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San Antonio- Law Enforcement is part of government and corporate which includes the police, courts who enforce the law.

There is controversy over the way law enforcement handle the certain matter. In this aspect, it especially concerns minorities. According to the National Institute of Justice, minorities frequently report that the police single them out because of their race or ethnicity (2013). There is much distrust under law enforcement. According to Advance Project, data indicates that Black men are 21 times as likely as White men to be killed by law enforcement.

What is needed to gain the respect and faith of the people within the United States? What is a nation without the belief of being kept safe by people whose motto is supposed to Protector and Server?

Structure and certainty are proven as something that humans crave and with structure and certainty, it comes with laws and people who are safe without a doubt. According to the National Institute of Justice, distrust of police has serious consequences. It undermines the legitimacy of law enforcement, without legitimacy police lose their ability and authority to function (2013). Law enforcement is typically considered as people who are seen undoubtedly safe. “Without law enforcement, there would be civil unrest, people fighting over territories, or the economy destroyed,” said Corpus Christi Resident Alicia Dower. Law enforcement puts standards into play as it could be said that if people know they can do crimes and get away with it there would be no reason to stop.

There is another side to not having law enforcement “hearing the words law enforcement make me think to run, and fear” said Corpus Christi resident Aisha Williams. According to the National Institute of Justice, racial and ethnic minority perceptions that the police lack lawfulness and legitimacy, based largely on their interactions with the police, can lead to distrust of the police (2013). Law enforcement is not meant to cause panic and distress to the people that are supposed to be protected by them. “I think people would be more open-minded and willing to try new things,” said OLLU student Madison Choi. Not having law enforcement could be what allows people to see if something else works better in ensuring safety and trust.

Whatever opinion of not having law enforcement or having law enforcement it is agreed upon that there should be changed within law enforcement. “There needs to be more training, more school, more education, and they need to be stricter as to who they let in,” said Choi. Ensuring that law enforcement officers know the correct way to act and handle different situations that do not all end in a catastrophe is a step-in distinguishing fear and bring trust and respect.

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