Danielle Ojeda

San Antonio- This month, some light was shed upon numerous college admission scandals that occurred at some of the top elite colleges in the United States. Celebrities were also involved in these cases, some which shocked fans and college students throughout the nation.

According to Great Value Colleges, Our Lady of the Lake University is among the top rated private universities in San Antonio. Could this ranking make OLLU vulnerable to a similar scandal?

Amanda Esparza, OLLU sophomore, makes reference to a celebrity involved in the University of Southern California scandal, Olivia Jade, daughter of Lori Laughlin. Jade’s parents are believed to have helped her gain illegitimate admission into the university.

“The news about all these school scandals really made me think about all the effort I put in that students like her [Jade] did not have to,” said Esparza. Esparza also shared her concern with the possibility that this issue may happen in her school community.

Betty Galvan, student registrars office counselor, has worked at OLLU for over ten years. Galvan expressed that she did have knowledge on this material and could not speak on this subject. “We are not allowed to discuss this matter,” said Galvan.

There has not been any cases involving this topic at OLLU, nor is there confirmation that this university is believed to be considered for admissions investigations.

For more information on the OLLU undergraduate admissions process, please visit OLLU Undergraduate Admissions

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