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SAN ANTONIO–Many have heard of the famous dessert, Flan. It is known by many as Mexican dessert because it is served in many Mexican restaurants.

Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) student Wendy Garcia said what she believes the origin of Flan comes from.

“I believe that Flan comes from Mexico because it is part of my culture,” said Garcia.

The true origin of this dessert comes from the Roman Empire. The name is originated from Old High German word “flado,” which means flat cake. At first, the dessert was just a savory dish, usually flavored with fish or meat, and not something sweet as it is nowadays. The Roman Empire fell to its ruins, but this delicious dessert managed to survive with sweet minor changes to its recipe in recent years.

It turned into two different ways to make it. In Spain, it became a sweet dessert made with caramelized sugar. While in England, they took the recipe in a whole different direction and made of it a pastry shell with an open-top filled with custard and sometimes mixed with nuts or fruit. The only ingredients that have not to change are the use of egg, cream, and sugar concentrations.

The way this recipe made it to the New World was by the conquistador Hernán Cortés where he landed in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, bringing along with him many. This is where once again, people changed the recipe and created other flavors such as coffee, chocolate, and coconut flavor. That might be the reason why it is to believe that it is from there. Its sweetness is a perfect combination after a meal that will leave you satisfied.

There is not a specific place that it is from because the recipe has changed over the years. The way each person makes Flan is not the same as someone else, because each person has their unique approach to make it. It is a dessert anyone can have, rich or poor. Below you will find the recipe to make this delightful dessert.

Flan Recipe:

Start to Finish: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Servings: 4 to 6 servings

2 cups fat-free evaporated milk

2 cups fat-free sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 egg whites

3 whole eggs

½ cup of pure cane sugar

Preheat oven for 325 F.

In a bowl, mix the evaporated milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract, egg whites, and whole eggs.

On a pan, heat the sugar until syrup-like and brown in color, for about 8 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that sugar burns easy, so always keep stirring.

Once the melted sugar is ready, pour it on a pan into the bottom and sides.

Pour the milk mixture into the pan and cover it with foil.

Bake in the oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until it is fully cooked.

Let it cool down 2 hours before serving.

It is optional to add on top fruit, almonds, or any sweetener that you would like.

Flan is a dessert that can be eaten without it having to be a special occasion. Just enjoy every bite of it.

Laura Miguel taking a bite of Flan

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