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By Chloe M. Brown SAN ANTONIO—Spirit day usually marks the beginning of a new academic year. It is aimed at ushering in new freshman and getting faculty and staff pumped about the upcoming year. However, Spirit Day at Our Lady of the Lake carries a very special meaning. It is not a pep rally with mindless cheering; Spirit Day at OLLU is a day to beseech the holy spirit’s guidance and blessing throughout the oncoming year. This event is all about starting off the year on the right foot both academically and spiritually. Spirit Day is the perfect example of the mission OLLU has for every student. As a Catholic university, OLLU’s mission statement has always been clear. To go with Providence.  Not all students might really understand what “to go with Providence” might mean. In a nutshell, it means to go with the guidance of God. Gloria Urrabazo, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, says this mission involving God and academia is not to be taken lightly. “This is one of the moments in our university where we are reminded of being in a value added university whereby we can take the time to gather and worship as a faith base university and give thanks for this gift of being here at Our Lady of the Lake University.” The core beliefs of OLLU are based around spiritually and community and Spirit Day is a direct reflection of those values the OLLU community holds dear. The special day is set aside to commune with the provident God so that both men and women of faith can be filled with the Holy Spirit. And while the day is meant for reflection, it is also a fun filled event. The day starts with Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel, then the event is followed by a meal and different games. Just as Spirit Day is about connecting with God, it is also about connecting with a community of like minded people. OLLU Spirit Day is all inclusive and welcomes all who form part of the OLLU community of staff and students. Urrabazo comments that, “this is a time to honor all those who have served our campus community as faculty or staff and we celebrate their years of service with our community. We recommit ourselves to our mission and to each other as we voice our desire to be a Spirit-filled community.” All in all Spirit Day is a good time for faculty and students to come together for prayer and socializing as well as prepare themselves for the upcoming semester.
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