January 16, 2021

Lake Front News

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The Social Justice Living Learning Community

Our Lady of the Lake University has a new program starting in the Fall of 2019 for incoming undergraduate freshman students called the Social Justice Living Learning Community. Students participating in the organization move into the third floor of Flores Hall before the standard move-in day and share common classes in their fall and spring semester. The students also get to participate in different events throughout the year and discuss social justice issues both in and outside of the community. 

This program is meant to help students foster a sense of community by living together on campus and show their interest in social justice and become leaders in their community. During this experience living in the learning community students learn life lessons and go through experiences that will help them learn how to be an advocate. The SJLLC program has taught this year’s students that their voice, culture, and just who they are is a power they can use to change society.

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