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OLLU graduating senior Nuria A. Diallo Padro is recognized for her practice in social work in and out of the classroom.  

SAN ANTONIO – Graduating with a master’s degree in social work at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), Nuria A. Diallo Padro is a mentor, faculty member and social worker who used willing determination to assist members of the OLLU community and influence academic success. 

Current President of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Chapter at OLLU and former coordinator for the McNair Scholars Program, Diallo Padro, used her education and business administration background to encourage students to use academic resources and advantages that can expand their college endeavors. In addition, Diallo Padro empowered students throughout the OLLU community to embrace their capabilities and strengths.   

Diallo Padro received her Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation services and later graduated with a master’s in education and business administration. On May 6, Diallo Padro will receive her master’s degree in social work for Hispanic children and families from OLLU.  

Diallo Padro has practiced her leadership, business proficiency and social working through prominent roles inside multiple organizations around San Antonio. Diallo Padro is a current member of the following:  

  • President of The National Society of Leadership and Success, OLLU Chapter in San Antonio, Texas. 
  • Programming Chair of Penn State Social Equity Alumni (SEA) Network, College of Education in University Park, Pennsylvania. 
  • Disability Issues Caucus Reviewer and Member of the National Communication Association in San Antonio, Texas.  
  • Steering Committee for Business and Engineering Tracks for Girls Global Academy Public Charter School in Washington D.C. 

Using her personal experiences in promoting access to equity, diversity and inclusion via social, economic justice and community economic development has allowed Diallo Padro to influence marginalized communities for a social cause and advocate for Hispanic citizens within San Antonio.  

“Social work practice is a way of life for me,” Diallo Padro said.   

Diallo Padro said that since being at OLLU she had used her social work practice as a graduate assistant, employee, social work intern and community member. From guiding her mentees to avoiding marketing schemes to assisting members of homelessness towards receiving a college degree, Diallo Padro provides for people within her community.  

“Whether I was innovating new ways to engage middle school adolescents in a Title I school during my foundation year practicum or teaching McNair Scholars about the graduate admissions process, I was always available to address the factors and barriers in their lives that impacted their personal and academic goals,” Diallo Padro said.  

Diallo Padro’s involvement in a Title 1 school gave her an understanding of the lack of resources middle school adolescents undergo and carried her skills in mentorship to OLLU. 

“I have been honored each time a student entrusted me to discuss and explore the barriers and traumas they were facing to move forward on their academic goals,” Diallo Padro said. 

Diallo Padro wants to continue serving and empowering her community through her work to empower vulnerable and marginalized populations. With the support of OLLU, graduating senior Diallo Padro will fulfill her social-work endeavors. 

Photos provided by: Nuria A. Diallo Padro

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