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By: Loren DeLeon

Attention all Our Lake of the Lake University residents: Have you ever considered living off campus? We talked to some students about what they think about commuting to and from campus.

Many of the students we spoke to chose to live off campus simply because they live in San Antonio, however living on campus is an appealing choice for students who are a long way from home.

Paul Smith lives off campus and says it is more convenient and even cheaper. Smith believes being a commuter is great especially when you want to separate your school and social life. Smith also feels one con  he faces is struggling to wake up for his classes.

Saul Maldonado is another commuter who understands there are pros and cons to living on or off campus. “The price of living in the dorm because I don’t have my whole school paid so it’d be cheaper for me to live off campus but a con would be I don’t know if my car’s gonna breakdown or if I’m gonna get home in time,” Maldonado said.

Senior Naudia Gonzalez lives in the Lake View Apartments and said there are some cons to living on campus including issues with the gates, higher costs, and the possibility of getting a roommate you do not get along with. However Gonzalez also felt there are more pros to living on campus than off. “You save money on gas instead of having to drive back and forth, you get more involved in school activities, and it doesn’t talk long to get to class.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, living on or off campus is more appealing to some students than others and only you can determine which option is best for your situation.

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