The play ‘Fat Pig’ by Neil LaBute opened November 2 at Our Lady of the Lake University. The 2004 comedy is being directed by professor Antoinette Winstead and demonstrates a sense of hypocrisy in society for the audience. According to freshmen actor David Urdiales “there can be a lot of interpretations of the message. Every situation has political stand-points but it is up to the viewer to find them.” The theme of hypocrisy in ‘Fat Pig’ plays in part with “how individuals view others based off who they represent during (midterm) elections,” Urdiales said. OLLU students are eager to attend the production. “I would like to attend this production because it sparks up ideas that society still judges people by their appearance before getting to know them first,” sophomore Salma Ramos said. The cost to attend the production is $3 for students and $8 for general admission. The runtime of the play is about 75 minutes without an intermission and does contain adult content and explicit language. Funds raised from the performances will go towards the Thanksgiving food drive.
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