SAN ANTONIO- The 52nd Modern-era National Football League Championship (NFL) and the 56th Super Bowl will be played on Feb. 13 at the Sofi Stadium in Englewood, California.

With the Superbowl being right around the corner, there have been predictions on which two teams will face off in February.

The NFL’s regular-season games were pushed from 16 games to 17 due to the new league expansion.

Super Bowl 56 will be played on the second Sunday in February due to the one-game add-on for the first time in Super Bowl history.

December is the time to lock in for many teams around the league to get a safe spot in the playoffs; the odds of the Super Bowl are changing from week to week. This is based on the outcomes of games, injuries to star players and tons of other factors.

The predictions for who will and will not be in the playoffs are clearer in week 13, but picking a Super Bowl champion this season is really up for anyone to guess.

“I play fantasy football,” said Oscar Guitierrez, football fanatic and Fantasy Football participant. “The last two teams to face off in the Super Bowl are the Arizona Cardinals representing the National Football Conference (NFC) and the Kansas City Chiefs representing the American Football Conference (AFC).”

Guitierrez said that he believes the Arizona Cardinals will win it this year.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the top of the list with plus 500 odds. Fans are consistently picking the Buccaneers to win it all once again this year.

Tampa Bay returned its 22 starters to its roster from the previous season and Tom Brady to the head of the pack and lead the Buccaneers to another historic season.

The Buccaneers have been either first or second in the Super Bowl odds throughout this year’s 2021-2022 season and have one of the league’s easiest schedules moving forward.

There is little reason not to believe the Buccaneers will repeat and win it all this year with the same championship team back together.

Behind the reigning champions are the Kansas City Chiefs with plus 700 odds. Arizona Cardinals plus 750, Green Bay Packers plus 750 and Buffalo Bills plus 800.

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