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Candidates running in the most recent election are wanting to rule out hand counting ballots.With the November 8th election around the corner, there has been countless discussions about individual state rules regarding hand counted votes versus the use of computer counting.Many representatives running in elections would prefer computer counting.Representatives have gathered information and concluded that hand counting voting ballots is not an accurate method. Because of this, some states and their representatives have chosen to count ballots using a computer. “Hand counting ballots is a process that requires time, manpower, and is prone to inaccuracies,” said Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab, a Republican.Here are some reasons why representatives say hand counting is inaccurate:1.  Votes can be modified or discarded when handled manually.2.  Missed markings on votes happen frequently. Manual review of votes may lead to errors by the reviewer.3.  Hand counting is tedious and takes a long time. It may take hours to review just a few ballots.   If interested in reading more about voting visit
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